‘The Bachelor’: ET Will Be Live Blogging Week 7 of Colton Underwood’s Journey!

By Jennifer Drysdale‍ 11:00 AM PST, February 18, 2019

Is the moment we’ve all been waiting for finally here? Not so fast.

After months of teasing Colton Underwood’s dramatic fence jump, fans thought we might have finally have reached the moment that sends him over the edge (literally). That episode is still “a few” weeks away, as Chris Harrison told ET on Thursday, but that doesn’t mean this Monday’s episode won’t be dramatic. This week, we’ll see The Bachelor confront his greatest fears (like a woman not being here for the right reasons), and ET will be live blogging along the way.

Underwood previously confirmed to ET that this season gets pretty intense for him, and that his famous fence jump leads to him temporarily quitting the series. While speaking with ET last week, former Bachelor Nick Viall said he felt similar pressure during his season, but wasn’t in a position where he would actually quit.

“It’s possible Colton could have quit,” Viall said when asked how it affects a Bachelor’s contract. “[But] in my mind, you did sign up for this. You gotta see it through.”

“There were certainly moments where I wanted to [quit]. It’s a stressful situation,” he continued. “The producers can select 30 amazing women or 30 amazing men, and they might not be your person. …That’s the stresses of being the lead, the pressures of the expectation. … What if my person’s not in this group? It’s a truly terrifying situation at times.”

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